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The HX10M is a fully Manual Scissor Lift for loads up to 1000kg.

This Scissor Lift offers a height adjustable stable platform from 400 – 800mm which reduces operator strain when loading/unloading goods on pallets.

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About The HX10/M

This pallet truck is able to carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines. The HX10 series, available in manual and electric version, makes easy and light lifting to a height of 800 mm.

Model 1150 x 540 1150 x 680
Drive Manual Manual
Operator Pedestrian Pedestrian
Load Capacity (kg) 1000 1000
Lift Height (mm) 715 715
Overall Length (mm) 1526 1526
Overall Width (mm) 540 680
Fork Dimensions – Width (mm) 160 160
Fork Dimensions – Length (mm) 1150 1150
Distance Between Fork Arms (mm) 540 680
Aisle Width (mm) 1770 2019
Turning Radius (mm) 1372 1369

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