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The GB Hand Pallet Truck is a competitive and reliable solution for lifting and moving operations.

Its smooth movement and manoeuvrability, make it the ideal working tool to use on any kind of surface.

GB 1150×525
GB 1000×685

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About The Model GB

The GB hand pallet truck represents an easy to use, economic and robust tool for transporting pallet loads.

Reliable and easy to maintain, this model has been designed to be an excellent solution for intense use, thanks to its lightweight, smooth movement and manoeuvrability.

GB is the right machine for the customer that is looking for a simple and sturdy pallet truck: the right companion for every day work that can adapt in every situation.

Designed with excellent galvanized whole casting AC hydraulic pump, Y type, robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed and overload valve.

Standard Configuration

Nylon steering wheels

Nylon rollers 4


Ergonomically designed with rubber grip for optimized safety and comfort.

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