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The new EX18L Electric Pallet Truck is the economic solution for your daily light-duty logistic operations.

Simple and easy to use thanks to the compact size, low weight and maintenance-free removable Li-ION battery, the EX18L is a real plug and play EPT.

1150 X 540MM – 1800KG – TANDEM

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About The EX18L

The economic solution for light logistics operations. Easy to use thanks to the technical features that characterise it: compact size, significantly reduced weight, powered by a lithium battery easily removable by means of a rapid vertical extraction system. The machine can easily carry loads up to 1800 kg.

Model 1150X540
Drive Electric
Operator Type Pedestrian
Load Capacity 1800kg
Roller Wheels Tandem
Lift Height (mm) 115
Overall Length (mm) 1550
Overall Width (mm) 610
Fork Dimensions – Width (mm) 150
Fork Dimensions – Length (mm) 1150
Distance Between Fork Arms (mm) 540
Aisle Width (mm) 2146
Turning Radius (mm) 1330

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