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The LX is a strong and reliable partner which bridges the gap between low-duty and heavy-duty material handling daily operations. Due to its durability and low maintenance, the LX is suitable for environments such as logistic centres, terminals, production and manufacturing areas.

The new tiller arm equipped with fork lifting and lowering proportional control improves the user-friendliness and manoeuvrability of the truck.

*Battery & Charger not included, please select as an accessory if required. Battery & Charger needed to operate.

Factory order only – Please get in touch on 01270 445 777.

About The LX

The Triplex model has 3 lifting stages for high lifting height. The 2 side cylinders guarantee excellent visibility for the operator during the manoeuvring phases. AC technology guarantees more energy efficiency and longer battery charging duration, thus reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, the absence of brushes in the motor, the simpler motor structure and the possibility of adjusting parameters increase system reliability.

Fully integrated ergonomic technopolymer tiller system including fingertip throttle and proportional fork controls, safety push-button, horn, turtle button, hour-meter, battery status indicator as standard equipment.  Offered as standard, this function enables operating the truck in confined spaces: it allows the unit to travel with the tiller in an upright position. This function is activated by pressing the turtle button on the tiller and rotating the drive control throttle. The truck travels at a limited speed. Release the button to disable this function.

The separate battery compartment allows the installation of high capacity battery (225Ah – 300Ah).

The LX stacker can be equipped with cushioned stand-on foldable platform very useful for covering medium-sized distances and for intensive application.  A wide mast with a sticker ruler enables the operator to easily check the forks elevation by sight.

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