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Meet the HB10M

The HB10 M scissor lift gives you the comfort of an easy and light lifting up to a height of 800 mm, and the functionality of a practical work platform, which is suitable for places such as a machine workshop. This pallet truck is also able to carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines.

HB10M Fork Length – 1170 | Fork Width – 560

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About The HB10M

Control Handle
The handle offers an ergonomic tiller and a three-position control lever. The 3D design and the plastic grip ensure operator comfort on lifting and pushing operations.

Hydraulic Unit
The hydraulic unit allows a reduced operator effort on the tiller for all loads up to 1000 kg and a quick lift function for loads up to 150 kg.

Front & Rear Stabalizers
Greater machine stability is achieved by using load rollers in a more advanced position and providing front and rear stabilizers as standard. The rear stabilizers, once exceeded 400 mm in height, make work stable and safe even in the case of heavyweights.

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