GS Evo Silent


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The GS EVO Silenced hand pallet truck has been designed to strongly reduce the noise emission even in the worse working condition: rough and tiled surfaces.


The result is an ideal machine for the usage on residential areas deliveries and in supermarket stores

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About The Model GS Evo Silenced

In 1998 the Dutch Government set out standards for noise emission during loading and unloading in retail trade and craft businesses. This resulted in a project called PIEK and in 2004 in the PIEK certification scheme for vehicles and equipment operating under 60dB(A) which will be suitable for use in night-time deliveries without causing noise disturbance. The GS SILENCE HPT is PIEK Certified.

On order to have a significant sound emission reduction, the HPT is equipped with:

– Triple rollers in SOFT POLIURETHANE (75 Shore)

– Solid push roads

– Zinc plated Clevis with reduced tolerances holes

– Pins with reduced tolerances

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